Chasum Property Maintenance

Chasum Property Maintenance offer professional jet washing and cleaning services for residential and commercial customers within Scotland.

We offer Driveway cleaning, Decking cleaning, Patio cleaning, Conservatory cleaning, Roof & Moss cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Graffiti removal, Masonry painting to Bulk uplifts.

We offer our services to residential areas as well as commercial properties While maintaining the information we have learned along the way, we have come to realise that pressure washing is as much of a science as it is an art.

We have provided both residential and commercial with pressure washing services throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire & beyond. Our popularity and referrals from satisfied customers who have contributed to building our trusted reputation for providing skilled and quality pressure washing services with many reviews from customers.

Chasum property maintenance cleaning services are available within the following areas. Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, North & South Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, Ayrshire & throughout the rest of Scotland.

Why Choose Us?

Chasum property maintenance Jet Washing Commercial & Residential offers prices that are reasonable and affordable. We are professional, dependable and efficient in all aspects of our business. Our main goal is to assure you, the customer, are satisfied with our service. 

We will offer the best cleaning solutions to make your building/workplace look new. Professional family run business fully insured. 

We pride ourselves on providing excellent cleaning results and customer satisfaction. We don’t want to disappoint. So, when we work with you, we’ll check your expectations, look at the job and explain what we can do. There’s rarely a surface or stain we can’t remove with our pressure washing service. But if that happens, we’ll tell you what to expect.. 

Jet Washing Services

We offer a professional jet washing service, as well as low-pressure steam cleaning for more delicate, older, or listed buildings. We have seen the damage resulting from inexperienced companies using high-pressure jet washing equipment on the wrong surfaces.

All of our jet washing operatives undergo intensive training. Our jet washing training teaches them about the various types of surfaces they will encounter. They will also be able to identify the various types of “dirt” they need to remove and how best approach to take. 

Whilst brute force sometimes works all our machines are fully adjustable, so they can be regulated from a fine mist to a full pressure. Coupled with these machines we have a range of Eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals that when correctly applied can gently assist in the cleaning process.

Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Mono block, flagstones, Indian sandstone, decking, tarmac to name a few can be cleaned no harsh chemicals used. If chemicals are required they will be Eco-friendly and fully discussed with you beforehand. Driveways wither it be mono block, slabs, and tarmac etc fall under this heading.

Driveways maybe used to keep your car off the street but when the car is gone that driveway can bring up or bring down the overall appearance of your house. Driveways can become slippery in time if the moss is left to grow especially in the autumn and wintertime.

Our driveway & patio cleaning service is available within Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire & throughout Scotland.
driveway cleaning
deck cleaning

Decking Cleaning

We get many Decking Cleaning inquiries from residential and commercial premises and clients who require our Decking Cleaning Services due to their surfaces being in poor often slippery condition and in desperate need of our professional Decking Restoration Service. 

Often dirty and algae infested many believe they are beyond Decking Cleaning & Restoration and need replacing. At chasum property maintenance we can dramatically improve and re-enhance the surface and in many cases we achieve that long forgotten “as new look” – We can apply a decking oil or stain to prolong your newly cleaned decking.

Our decking cleaning service is available within Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire & throughout Scotland.

Roof, Moss & Gutter Cleaning

At chasum property maintenance, we offer a full gutter cleaning and gutter repair service to help unblock gutters, flush all down pipes, unblock all drains, fix any leaks and flood test all gutters as part of our service to you. 

Having your gutters cleaned once or twice a year will help to avoid serious and costly issues which stem from blockages, such as structural, damp or water damage.

Our roof, Moss & Gutter cleaning service is available within Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire & throughout Scotland.
roof cleaning
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